Today, for churches to be healthy and sustainable they must have a strong outward looking focus. This has become important as the size of congregations decline and society questions the relevance and even the existence of God. At St John the Baptist we have recognised a need to move away from the traditional way of ‘doing church’ to a more ‘missionary’ approach. Fundamentally, we have to make links between faith and the daily living within our community.

To meet this challenge we have formed an Outreach group to look at ways of engaging with people living in Somersham. This does not mean that such work is not going on in our community. For some time members of our congregation have been caring for elderly neighbours and friends. They also provide help in the running of the over 60’s club, take communion, prayer and readings to residents of Brookfield Care Home and assist patients at Hinchingbrooke hospital to attend Sunday services in the chapel. The support for the elderly in our community by church members goes on quietly and without fuss.

What we now want to do is to build on this pastoral care by extending the links to a wider community, especially young families of Somersham. For example, we are keen to encourage families to our services. Our ministry team is organising a series of themed family services. These church occasions offer accessible spirituality, gospel teaching and engagement for all ages. The Outreach group is helping to raise awareness through publicity such as posters and circulars.

Another activity of Outreach is to call on new comers to Somersham, to welcome them, to tell them about our church and provide information about our town. If you have just arrived here in Somersham please send us an email john.sissons@virgin.net – we would love to come round to meet you and say hello.

Christian Worship in and around Somersham, Cambs