Somersham Mothers Union


Somersham Mothers’ Union branch is in the Deanery of Huntingdon and Ely Diocese.  Our members are mostly from Somersham but also from St. Ives, Warboys and Colne.  We usually meet on the 1st Tuesday of the month at 7.30pm.  Most meetings are held in The  Baptist Church Rooms.   See below for the programme for 2015.

Each year we hold a special Eucharist Service in St. John’s Church and have an annual service at All Saimts Pidley.

A typical meeting starts with a short service of worship, sometimes a speaker and this is followed with a social time whilst enjoying refreshments.
The Mother’s Union supports objectives overseas as well as in Great  Britain, Ireland and locally.  The work of the Mother’s Union is underpinned by our Christian Faith and the work we do and enable  touches many lives.  We look at how our vision may be achieved through campaigns, education and prayers.
The Mothers Union makes a difference and we pray that people will join us here in Somersham and continue to grow in faith.     You are always welcome at our meetings.    Barbara Hoy, our organiser, can be contacted through email at the following adress:

Christian Worship in and around Somersham, Cambs