Remembrance Day


Let us remember the men of this parish who paid the supreme sacrifice so that we could remain free

The men from the 1914-1918 War

Edward Allen
Geo Baker
John T Baker
Percy Barlow
George Herbert-Bedford
Edward Brooks
Edgar Ernest Brown
Albert Henry Burgess
Alfred Chapman
Edward Chapman
Francis Davenport
Walter Dewey
Herbert Ellis
Harry Farrow
George Fyson
Issac Frederick Gillet
Tom Gowler
Marham Hammond
Charles Hinkins
Gerorge Holdich
Albert Holmes
George Knightly
Ernest Leeds
Edgar Maycock
Alfred Miller
Benjamin Mitchell
William Moore
Percival Nix
Eric Norman
William Peacock
Frederick Rose
Frederick Rowell
George Ruff
John Ruff
Herbert Sergeant
Alexander Skeggs
William Taylor
Joseph Thompson
Frederick Throssel
Frederick Turner
Frederick Whealton
Alfred Wooten

The Men from the 1939 – 1945 War

Peter Barlow
Leslie Barson
Reginal Behagg
Alfred Bell
William Butler
Douglas Dew
Douglas Lowe
Frederick Seamark
Stanley Smith
Robert Thomas
Sidney Thomas
John West
Dennis Whitfield
Bert Parsons


Let us not forget the civilians of Somersham who lost their lives in the 1939-1945 War and let us also not forget all those who have lost their lives in all wars and conflicts.

Christian Worship in and around Somersham, Cambs