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somersham sketch 4 x 3
The Parish Church of St. John the Baptist is the largest of the churches in the Benefice. Situated in Church Street, in the heart of the village of Somersham, the church stands on a site which in all probability has been consecrated for Christian worship since the second half of the seventh century. The current building though dates from the period between 1250 and 1300 and is likely to have been built and paid-for by one of the bishops living in the (now disappeared) Bishops Palace which was sited only a few hundred yards from where the church now stands.

The Church of pidley sketch 4 x 3All Saint’s Pidley is situated on the main Pidley/Warboys road.  The ancient church on this site dated from the 12th century but it was  pulled down in 1863, and a new church was erected on the same site in 1864/5.  Some features of the older church remain, notably the 14th century square-headed two-light windows reset in the west wall of the vestry, and a scratched circular sun-dial in the north wall, and much of the stone facing is obviously of old material re-used.


woodhurst sketch 4 x 3St John the Baptist Woodhurst has its home in the heart of the delightful village of Woodhurst.  The oldest  part of the present church dates from the 12th century although it reasonably certain that this replaced an older church building on the same site.  The church has an unusual and distinctive “pepper pot” tower.


old hurst sketch 4 x 3

St Peter’s Old Hurst is the smallest of the churches in the Benefice.  Right in the middle of the rural village of Old Hurst,  the church was  possibly built by Ralph Mowin who is said to have presented it in the reign of Henry II (1154-89).  The thickness of the north wall suggests that it is of 12th century date, but the church was practically rebuilt and slightly lengthened late in the 13th century. A considerable restoration took place in 1868, and the east wall was rebuilt in 1903.


Christian Worship in and around Somersham, Cambs